So hi.

First blog post. Whooo.

I’m going to be honest. We all like a bit of honesty right?

This isn’t my first blog (shock horror what). I know I know, settle down. So I’ve had, including this one, 3 blogs. One, which I hope a lot of my followers have come from, Panda’s Stuff (formerly known as Panda’s Books) and another which is private (I just put my school notes on there). So I am not new to the blogging world.

But as I was writing Panda’s Stuff, I realised that I want to do much more than just blog about books, which is why I changed from Books to Stuff but I feel like I was still stuck with my old ways, maybe due to the layout of my blog, maybe due to the content – I don’t really know. So new year… New blog???

Honestly I just want to have a blog that I put loads of effort into and is a really good documentation of my life for however long I keep it. And I feel Panda’s Stuff wasn’t that. I also want to start afresh. Panda’s Stuff will stay – I’m not deleting it, but I’m starting this one to document my life – as cheesy as that sounds.

Well I hope you’ll stick around for this journey (again with the cheese! I’m sorry!).



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