La La Land Film Review (NO SPOILERS)

What a movie.

So this film has been getting a lot of hype. Especially if you follow the likes of doddleoddle on social media and yes, I did go and see it because she was raving about it so much (what can I say? an aspiring musician needs to see what their inspirations are into) and overall, I am glad I saw it, but it has certainly not had the impact it had on her, on me.

The film surrounds the lives of Mia and Seb, two artists struggling to make it in the world and stay true to themselves. Mia is an actress working in a coffee shop in Hollywood, who left for Hollywood straight after finishing school. In her spare time she attends auditions, keeping up her dream of making it. Seb is a jazz musician who dreams of own a jazz bar but is often criticised for staying too traditional to jazz roots. The two cross paths multiple times before an intial friendship is formed and we see the highs and lows of their time in LA trying to make it.

The plot is simple and against a stunning scenography, it has quite poignancy about it. I particularly love how realistic about life it is, especially the ending. It’s realistic, but not mean or curt. It tells how life goes on with or without the people you want there and how it’s okay.

A heavy theme in this film is music, especially as it’s essentially a musical. And unfortunately that’s probably the reason why I didn’t quite connect with the movie as much as other people did. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling showed some nice singing abilities but for a musical partially about music, their voices were weaker than I expected. I did grow to like it throughout the film as it was complemented well with a chorus and interesting recording style but I think I would’ve enjoyed better singing voices. Additionally, I’m just personally not a huge fan of jazz music so that probably stopped me from connecting with the film as well as others did.

However, I absolutely loved the way it was shot. The scenery and set, the costume and CGI were incredible and a wonderful sight to see. My favourite scene would definitely be the Planetarium scene. The colour scheme and the stars and the silhouette of the two dancing was just magical and incredible.

Image result for la la land

Overall, I give it a good 4 out of 5 stars. It was initially a 3 until the last sequence of an alernate reality which links in with my comments on the plot. It wasn’t until that last sequence, that I felt sad about the situation but it still worked. And almost made me cry.

If you enjoyed this movie or just have something you’d like to say, let me know down below!

The movie as of right now is still showing in cinemas. When it comes out on DVD, I’ll leave a link here.

Byee! 🙂


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  1. Dan O. says:

    Such a lovely movie. And one of my best of the year. Nice review.

    Liked by 1 person

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