Travel Plans 2017

So I have a travel page, indicating I travel a lot, which I guess is true to some extent, but I now that I’m a grown up (lol) and have a bit more freedom to go wherever and plan quite a bit in advance, I thought I’d let you know what the haps (soz).

I’ve got some exciting things lined up for 2017 and will be travelling a fair bit. I know the plans I have now, compared to usual travel bloggers/vloggers is quite small, but I’ve never had this many plans at the beginning of a year so I want to show off (what? I have an ego).
(also I know this is quite late for beginning of the year).

Here we go:

Where: Dublin, Ireland
When: Late March/early April
Why: ISTO (a university trampolining competition)

Where: EVERYWHERE!!, Japan
When: April
Why: Holidayyy!! šŸ˜€

Where: London, England
When: May
Why: Paper Hearts the musical which is amazing and everyone should go and see it (after I’ve booked my tickets of course. Not booked yet but I will go on my own if no one else wants to come with me)

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
When: Mid August
Why: EdFringe duh

I may also be going to China in July – maybe. Not confirmed yet (i.e. I need to ask my parents and see prices) but maybe. I’m also planning to take some spontaneous day trips around England in June time so if you have any suggestions on where I should go, let me know!

Anyway. Do you have any plans to travel places this year? Let me know down below!

Byeee! šŸ™‚


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  1. pedrol says:

    Cool plans, specially Japan šŸ™‚ have fun then! PedroL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. exfairy says:

      Thanks! Can’t wait to go to Japan šŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

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